ICE-BERG SLOVAKIA, spol. s r.o., is located at Trenčianska Street 53 in Bratislava, Slovakia. This excellent location in the city center of Bratislava is underscored by the accessibility of all important transit and internal city arterials, including the D-61 motorway as well as the cargo railway traffic with a container terminal and the Bratislava harbour.

The two entry gates leading to the premises from the Trenčianska Street allow access of all types of automobiles and trucks coming from all directions.

The grounds consist of several object of which the principal part are freezing plants and refrigerated premises. The site includes a convenient parking lot, with a sufficient number of parking spaces for both passenger cars and trucks. We also offer the option of reserved parking.

Our long-term tenants enjoy the excellent location, security level, pleasant surroundings, professional services, good relations and excellent „pricing policy“.

The management of our company prefers a constructive dialogue in finding the solution to any problem, and welcomes any comments regarding the everyday operation of the plant area. An individual approach is offered to each tenant, while respecting their needs and requirements to the maximum extent. ICE-BERG SLOVAKIA, spol. s r.o., is currently working on its scope of products and services, so that, after the entry of Slovakia into the European Union, all conditions are harmonized in accordance with EC standards of warehousing and operation of non-residential premises.

Commercial rentals available at the ICE-BERG SLOVAKIA premises include the following:

1. Large Capacity Freezer Chambers
2. Large Capacity Refrigerated Rooms
3. Large Capacity Warehouses and Small Size Storage Rooms
4. Office Space

I. Large Capacity Freezer Chambers (also with the option to rent in smaller volumes)
4 chambers with a total volume of almost 8.000 m3, height: 3,5 to 3,8 meters, load-bearing capacity 1500 kg/m2, connected to the central refrigeration system, which assures the required temperatures of between –18 °C and -23 °C. To facilitate the manipulation of goods, a loading ramp and two freight lifts have been installed, with a load-carrying capacity each of 5 tons.

II. Large Capacity Refrigerated Rooms (also with the option to rent in smaller volumes)
6 refrigerated chambers with the total area of cca 1050 m2, height of chambers 4 m, connected to the central refrigeration system. Room temperatures are maintained between +2 and +12 °C, load-bearing capacity 1500 kg/m2 , a part of the chambers is equipped with a system of racks for two storing levels.

III. Large Capacity Warehouses and Small Size Storage Rooms
Total area of warehouse rooms contains approx. 6000 m2, the height of stores is : 2,2 to 3,4 m. All rooms have cast concrete floors with anti-dust coating.

IV. Office Space
Located in a separate production building with a total surface area of 770 m2 with the option to rent certain closed units with their own bathroom.

Trenčianska 53, 821 09 Bratislava, Slovakia
tel: +421 2 53 41 80 00
fax: +421 2 53 41 60 83